Clyde's Game

A silent romantic tragedy about an eccentric videogame developer and his innovative videogame.


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Two men with shady backgrounds engage in a fatal dispute for unknown reasons in a popular bar at the heart of a dark city's criminal district, sparking a cold war between two powerful crime lords. In an effort to prevent his clientele from being divided by the ensuing political tensions, the local barber becomes embroiled in what escalates to a heated conflict involving vicious mobsters, hit men, corrupt cops, and drug runners.



Will Howard: Writer, Director, Editor, "Five-Eyes"

Gus Halper: "The Barber"

Lorenzo Sierup: Camera Operator

Carli Warhaft: Camera Operator

Max Halper: Lighting

Henry Blais: Lighting

Tim Hamlin: Audio Capture

Huga Takagi: Audio Capture

Fernando Perez: Scouting Photographer







An ambitious and determined young psychiatrist is frustrated when a kind hearted yet garrulous patient fails to provide her with anything worthy of progress. Inspired by Francis Ford Coppola's The Conversation, this piece is intended as a critique of the societal systems in which we imprison ourselves.



Will Howard: Writer, Director, Editor

Katie Lyman: "Katherine"

Ian Gallogly: "Philip"

Jennifer Baute: "Martha"

Efe Kabba: Cinematographer

Franco Simbana: Lighting

Jonathan Soon: Technical Advisor, Audio Capture

Andrea Frias: Audio Capture

Avery Bargar: Score Musician







An innocent teenage girl's life is turned upsidedown when her parents are killed in a tragic accident and she is sent to stay with her jaded, ne'er do well cousin in the Hollywood Hills. An excerpt taken from a feature-length script (written by Jennifer Baute), this scene depicts a pivotal moment in the narrative wherein the girls relationship is strengthened and dark secrets begin to emerge.



Jennifer Baute: Writer, Director, "Jade"

Will Howard: Director of Photography, Editor

Roxanne Cook: "Emma"

Tim Stapenhorst: Lighting, Audio Capture, Assistant Editor

Franco Simbana: Lighting, Audio Capture

Cranley Lockhart: Audio Capture

Alex Lockhart: Audio Capture

Steff Yuan: Audio Capture

Anastasiya Galasheva: Audio Capture

Wade Vaughn: Production Assistant

Zeben Kopchak: Production Assistant


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